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Everything you do is either moving someone one step closer to you or one step further away from you.

We as small business owners are standing at the finish line looking for customers that are standing at the starting line. They don’t know how to get to where we are.

From the Piedmont smack dab in the middle of reality.

Is your marketing generating revenue? 

In order for a business to become great it must have great customers that believe in the business. Customers and clients that continually utilize your products and services.

Sounds simple. 

Every business on the planet sells a product or provides a service. That doesn’t happen if the consumer doesn’t know who you are, thinks your product or service is what they need and why you are who they should spend their money with. 

Every business has a customer lifecycle. As simple as it sounds, the fact that every person on the planet falls into one of three categories in relation to being a customer of yours.

  1. Before Phase - They aren’t a customer, possibly have never heard of you and know nothing about you.
  2. During Phase - They are buying from you right now. A transaction is taking place.
  3. After Phase - They have already purchased from you or used your service. They may or may not be repeat customers.

See, it is really simple. Which of the three do you spend the majority of your time and effort on? Most of us do it. We have one group of our clients we spend 80% or more of our time on.

Your business is literally divided into 3 strategic components.

I have a strategic system that I use for everything I do in evaluating a business. Divide your business into the Before, During and After phase of customer engagement. That is the simplest method that can apply to any business.

3D illustration of a dartboard and one blue dart over black background with the word solutions written many times and surrounding the target. Consulting or advice concept.

Strategic Engagement Solution Marketing

A marketing system designed for duplication and automation.

A three-phase marketing system that was created to make you more money, day in and day out. Automatically. Giving you the power to have your business working regardless if you are working or not.

If your business doesn't run without you, you created yourself a job, not a business.

All three Phases combined create my Strategic Engagement Solution Marketing System. If you are unsure how to map out your own process, schedule a call with me and I will be happy to assist you in developing your plan. No charge and we will keep it to an hour max.

Got questions about creating your own Strategic Engagement Sollution Marketing System?