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Create marketing and copy that has only one purpose, to get potential customers and clients to buy their products and services.

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Direct Response Marketing

My mission:

Make you and me money, today, tomorrow, and year after year. Utilizing the only four pieces of marketing that will achieve this.

Content Marketing

It can appear to be the worthless fluff everyone puts out, but it has to drive the reader towards making a purchase. Easier said then done depending on the product or service.

Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response Marketing is king. Always will be unless you have millions upon millions to throw away on marketing that doesn’t convert to sales. Utilizing every single aspect of the direct response framework. Always drive the client/customer towards the sale and get the sale.

Utilize the 5 T’s; Torture, Transformation, Trust, Timeliness, and Take Action. Make it happen like this: Here’s this thing. Here’s how this thing is going to help you. Here’s why it’s a no-brainer to buy it. Here’s how you buy it. Everything has a call to action. Everything must lay out the step-by-step process to buying it.

If it doesn’t push the reader, viewer, or listener towards the sale it isn’t effective marketing.


You have already sold your product or service to people. They are great repeat customers. It’s cheaper to market to existing clients than it is to acquire new ones. Unless you sell crap products or crappy services that no one in their right mind would purchase again. Don't be one of those businesses.


All three of the above methods should be utilized for your email marketing. You are utilizing your email to the fullest extent, aren't you?

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I decided to look at the website last night. First, I didn't realize how "professional" and approachable it had become. Good job and Thank you.  Second I didn't realize how compelling your copy is. I found I wanted to read more...

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